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RPP water injection vacuum pump set


RPP water injection vacuum pump set

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Brand Name : ACP

Model Number : RPP

Place of Origin : CHINA


Price : USD2000-USD10000

Payment Terms : T/T

Supply Ability : 50SET/MONTH

Delivery Time : 15 DAYS

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RPP Series Water Injection vacuum Pump Sets .

(Up to suction Rate:720m3/h,Ultimate Vacuum Degree: 0.0996Mpa)

Usage : it is consist of the decay resistance pump, jet pump, buffer tank, tank, check valve, ball valve, pipe fittings and other components, adopt Reinforced PP material. Its characteristics: portable, convenient installation, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, high vacuum, large displacement, rational structure, reliable operation.

it is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, food, brewing, metallurgy, environmental protection, laboratory of vacuum absorption, vacuum filter, vacuum drying, vacuum crystallization, vacuum conveying process, etc.

Model Sense :

Model No: 50FP D-22

D is Representative Directly Connection .

Without “D” is representative Coupling Connection .

Specification Sheet and Curve Performance

Pump Specification Sheet :

Model No Inlet Diameter Outlet Diameter Flow Head power Rotating speed Efficiency Suction Connection

Pump Curve Performance :

Pump Set Structure :

RPP Horizontal type Water Jet Vacuum Pump Set .

Water Vacuum Pump Set System Drawing :

1. Check Pump 2. Vacuum Pump 3.Vacuum Gauge 4. System Ball Valve 5 Overflow Pipe 6. Buffer Tank 7. Blow Down Valve 8. Water Tank 9. Exhaust Sludge Valve 10.Centrifugal Pump

1.Centrifugal pump 2. Inlet Water Pipeline

3. Water Tank 4. Pipe Clamp

5. Iron Bracket 6.The Arc Tube

7. Check Valve 8. Water Jet Vacuum Pump

9. Inlet Air Pipeline 10. Vacuum Gauge

11. Content Gauge 12. Buffer Tank

13.Exhaust Sludge Valve 14.Baffle Plate

15. Tail Pipe

Water Vacuum Pump Set System Specification Sheet :

Model No Max.Vacuum Working Max. Suction Pump Model No Dimension

Degree Vacuum Degree Capacity Motor Horsepower (L * W*H)

Installment Instruction

  • It must be carefully check all part fasteners whether there is loose Prior to installation .if loose, must be corrected tighten, or affect the extraction and vacuum degree.

2. It is must put full water in pooling before start machine , open pump inlet valve ,

No dehydration idling and inversion, in order to prevent damage of mechanical seal and pump.

3.Venting or vacuum to town down to 0.092Mpa below before stop , and then shut down to prevent vacuum degree is high ,but back suction damaged check valve, (such as check valve malfunction, please open the valve cover, remove debris).

4.Gas water cascade jet pump, and start machine in advance , then open the steam ,close up steam at frist, then shut down to prevent damage to water injection pump. In the installation of steam piping, guarantee the pipeline is not contained water,must maintain a certain level, otherwise it will affect the degree of vacuum.

5.Pool Circulation water temperature is too high, it will affect the exhaust quantity and vacuum degree, need timely replacement or supplement water.

6. With reference of special full sealing pump set , it is must be assembled an exhaust outlet ,otherwise it will make water tank compression deformation and rupture .

The mainly reasons to affect Vacuum degree

1. Check up water tank level and water temperature . If the water level is over lower , water temperature high , it will affect vacuum degree .

2. Check up water pump whether have odds and end inhale. It will affect vacuum degree . if water pump and inlet pipe have odds and end .

3. Mechanical seal leaking will impact vacuum degree .

  • Water jet pump nozzle wear and tear or deformation will impact vacuum degree .
  • Unsteady Voltage will influence vacuum degree , it may induce back-suction water in vacuum tank .
  • Valve ,cut-off valve wear and rear will air leak , pipeline is over long ,air leak will influence vacuum degree .

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